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yea so i cant sleep

It's about 4 in the morning and I am wide awake and it sucks!! ugh its such a bummer, o well i figured id update considering how I usually only do it ya know like once a month.

Not much is new from the last time I wrote, My schedule next week for work is crazy im working sunday, monday, wednesday, thursday and all day saturday but im glad cuz i need the money. I got my hair done last night and I absolutely love it, Kate is def my hairdresser now I dont even want to go to someone else. She put more blonde highlights and then redid my roots so the blonde i already had is blonder and she cut it for me. Im gunna keep it blonde for the summer I think and then prob dye it black again for the winter. I like dark hair for the winter I think it looks really classy. But I also love my hair blonde, i dunno im just ramblin. O and thanx amanda for your input on my hair, i might actually have some red put in but im not sure cuz i like just the blonde too lol choices choices. well I dont know what else to write about I mean tonight ben is taking me out to Vinny T's so im pretty excited, then I gotta work tomorrow 9-2 which is ehh and then ben leaves for the cape next saturday I think and o boy am I gunna miss him :( But its okay because then Im going up to the cape and hes gunna stay with me for the week so that should be pretty fun. I cant wait to go to the beach. I have barely spent n e time out in the sun this summer and I dont know why, last summer thats like all I did was go outside and this year it doesnt interest me as much.

I kno I keep writing about how happy I am but i cant get over it, I dont think ive EVER been this happy, my friends are amazing and ben is just wonderful and im so excited for next year, I'm supposed to find out my roommate soon. I hope I dont get stuck in a triple cuz that would suck so bad. Im going to have a hard enough time adjusting to sharing a room with one person never mind two people. But hopefully I wont have to worry about it. N e wayz as it gets closer and closer Im getting a little bit nervous but not that I wont make friends because I know i will (I dont mean to sound conceited) but Im more worried about not succeeding in my classes. In order to get my teaching license I need to have a 2.8 GPA all four years and im scared that I wont be able to do that. so i dunno like I know i can do its just a matter of will I. I want to but what if I cant manage my time or I start to party too much. Its just stuff i've been thinking about lately. Im going shopping with my mom on thursday to get stuff for my dorm room then my aunt rachel wants to take me shopoing for some stuff which is awesome because I love shoppin with her plus I can talk to her about everything. I just love how i can tell her things and know she wont say anything.

For me not knowing what to write about I sure did have a lot to say haha well im going to really try and get some sleep atleast before the sun comes up. :)


.*.The stolen kisses are always the sweetest.*.
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