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grow up

ok this entry is just so i can vent and at this point I dont give a rats ass as to who I offend...

So tonight was a really good night i went with mich and mike and allie, kyle, uncle dennis, mom, ben and aunt rachel to go see mich and mike's new house....then I come home and go with my mom to pick up my bro who was at the pierce's house playing poker so meaghan was walking outside and looked right at me and couldn't even be decent and say hi no shes so immature that she just looked the other way. now im not sad about this by n e means i just think it's ridiculous that she can't be mature enough to smile and say hi and thats that. whatever i think it's pathetic and im sure brandie is going to read this and run and tell meaghan that i wrote about her but guess what you both can kiss my ass i dont care. i just think its dumb that you can't be mature and just be like hi or smile grow up and act your age your fucken 18 yrs old. jesus christ.
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