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another sleepless night


Sorry about the last entry it was a little depressing and again if i hurt someone's feelings im sorry i just had to let it out and if i put it as friends only it would not have mattered because u are one of my friends....

n e who...

Today was an awesome day...I got my package in the mail which i had shipped to ben's house so his dad called me today to tell me which made me happy. THEN i went by the pool with sammy and hung out for a bit. I went to work at 3 and stayed until 10 we only have like 8 people on which isn't a lot at all. there are 4 sections of the store and we only had 3 people to cover them and we usually have 5 or 6. but we pulled it together cuz we kick ass. lol. I've worked everyday since last thursday and tomorrow i finally have a day off wooo whoo. then im working friday night and saturday 1-6. After work on saturday im hanging out with erin for a bit and my rents r leaving for the cape. I'm staying behind with tony because he has hockey practice at 2 and then tony, ben and I are leaving around 3 after his practice. I can't wait for ben to come home I miss him like crazy. He's coming home in about 30 hours lol. Im so excited. Things are actually going really well now.

I got over my depressed day lol hey everyone has one of those every now and then. I got all my stuff for my dorm room and I can't wait to move in. I should get my roommate soon...did i already write about this stuff last entry? o well i forgot if i did haha. I hope I dont get my roommate letter while im gone to the cape because what if my roommate tries to call and leaves a message and then thinks i blew her off cuz i didnt call back cuz i was on vaca? i dunno id feel bad haha. I'm waiting for the sun to come up so I can go for a run. I've decided Im going to go for a run everyday starting tomorrow morning, i miss when i used to run all the time (wow did i really just say that?) lol I have to pack for the cape tomorrow ugh I feel so overwelmed haha.

My brother is going to the Chezk republic when we come back from the cape to play hockey for a week and im so excited for him. I wish I was half as talented as him at n e thing lol. He's good at everything he does its crazy. Sometimes I get jealous but then again who wouldn't so whatever it's normal. I bought a shirt that everything going to the Chezk signed and Im going to frame it and then put his plane tickets in it and give it to him as a gift when he comes back.

I wanna go to hampton beach sometime soon, maybe even for the weekend? lol i dunno i just love hampton i had such a good time last year when i went with my fam and then I ended up running into joe, bill, tim, pat, chris and dennis o man it was a good time :) n e who I just wanna go there for the day even.

Well I have nothing else to write about so I guess thats all....


...Things are often said to
Doubt what I feel for you
But words that people say
Won't take my love away...
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