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so happy I can't even begin to tell you...


Well I am so happy right now I can't even begin to tell you. The past couple days I have spent everyday with Ben for atleast a couple hours anywayz. It's hard because our work schedules conflict, he works 8-5 and I usually work 5-10 so we hang out for a little bit after I get outa work but not too long cuz then he'll be tired lol. Needless to say this weekend we hung out a lot to catch up. Friday night I worked then went to the fireworks with ben then saturday I slept until like 2 I was exausted then ben came over for a bit. Sunday I worked 11-3 and I woke up extremely late and was almost very late for work lol that would of been bad. So then I was supposed to go to my aunt linda's but I was tired and didnt feel like driving an hour to get there so ben came over for a bit. Then slept over. This morning was the best ever....he told me he loved me today and o man im so happy. Not just because he told me he loved but with everything in my life. Its just awesome right now. Let's see what else is I worked from 2-6:30ish and then me and ben drove out to mich and mike's house on the lake and we had a cookout with the triplets, sharon, ben, mike, mich, cass's b.f dan even tho cass wasnt there lol, kyle and his gf jodi was there and then my family. It was a lot of fun. We went in the lake and tried tipping the dock and one of my rings fell off so i was really bummed. Luckily it wasnt n e of my rings that had stones in it, it was my gold thumb ring but now i gotta wait three weeks until i go to the cape so i can buy a new one. bummer huh? Thier new house is going to be gorgeous, just the frame is up and it already looks awesome. lol yea. Let's see what else is there? I'm getting my hair done again on wednesday, I'm debating about whether or not I should put red in it, cuz im putting more blonde in but i might do red too i just dont know lol. n e input is welcome. Thursday I have to work and then friday night ben is taking me out to dinner which I think is super sweet, I think thats all for now I'm tired I need some sleep....goodnight :)


~*It's amazing how someone can make you feel*~
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