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wow I cant believe it's been this long...

why hello my lovelies!!! I can't believe I how long its been. Well a lot has happened but I'm not writing a long entry so deal with it :). Life is good, a little stressful, things with Ben are incredible, he is by far the best thing in my life. I can't wait to marry him hehe. the weather is getting nice so I'm in my glory. School is stressing me out, I have 3 papers due next week and two exams like ahhhh and one of my professors lost my paper, and my comp crashed so I.T. put a new hard drive in so I dont have a copy of it either which translate into me rewriting a paper that took my about 3/4 hours to write...sweet I know! lol I only have 6 weeks left though which is nice. I had spring break the last two weeks and worked my ass off at TJ Maxx. I'm lucky they hired me back. I found the car I want to get next year. Well I've found a couple it's between a chevy malibu, corolla, honda accord, or pontiac G6 so who knows. I'm excited tho well except for the payments I'm going to have but o well. Charlie and Sammy are getting along now and its adorable. I'm getting either my tongue or lip pierced in about a week. I havent decided which one I want yet so we shall see. Well thats all you people need to know....but I must say my life is amazing...absolutely amazing :)

Yours truely <33
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