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I got a puppy!!!

Well things have been okay. I'm kind of stressed because I got a new dog so I've been exausted its like having a baby! Things with ben are good but I feel bad I've been kind of a bitch lately. I don't mean to snap it's just when I get stressed I tend to take it out on the people I'm closest with which isn't an excuse but I'm going to honestly try and stop doing that. I love him more than anything it's really scary actually, but scary in a good way. :) Well nothing exciting has really happened, Tomorrow I'm doing my cousins' hair for their semi then saturday I'm doing Maria's hair for a dance she's going to. I can't believe I go back to school in just a little over a week. It's so weird. Well here's some pictures of my gorgeous new dog charlie and my amazing dog sammy :) Lovezz

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