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Happy new year

Sorry It's been so long. I've been busy. Well lets see School is great and I got my grades and I did awesome so I'm pretty excited. I got everything I wanted for christmas so that was also good. I went to Ben's uncle's on christmas eve which was fun then christmas day we went to my aunt tessy's then to ben's uncle tim's, I'm glad that my family likes him and his family likes me. My new years eve was nice and relaxing with ben then yesterday we had an awesome time with my family. lol ben had to sing in front of everyone but he was a good sport about it. It was an awesome day. The hay ride was my favorite and we got roadie shots lol. That was hilarious. I'm kind of hurting today a little but o well it was well worth it. I might be getting a puppy and I'm sooo excited. I dont really feel like updating that much so I'm going to leave you with that. Hope everyone else's New years was good :)

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