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nothing has changed....and I'm thrilled

Sorry it's taken me so long to write an update...I've been extremely busy. Life is awesome I absolutely love it here I'm not gunna go into great detail cuz i'm tired but i've met a ton of amazing people and so far have had some frigin awesome times :) I've learned the new game of spoons haha i love it. Matt, joe and scott came up last thursday which was fun. Me and ben are still awesome, he's amazing I'm goin to marry him I just know it. When I'm with him nothing else matters, nothing is bad and i just feel awesome. I am proud to announce that my current GPA is.......drum roll please......3.25 what now!!!!! I'm so excited, I'm shooting to make deans list which is a 3.33 so hopefully i'll get it.

Let's see what has happened, I went out a couple thursdays ago and ended up at some random kids house (dont worry I was not alone i went with vanessa and amanda). Then it poured on the way back. I've gone home the last couple weekends to see ben and to see my mem who had surgery and my gma cuz I havent seen her in awhile. This past weekend I did maria's hair and makeup for the sadies...she looked gorgeous, and she looked so old. Let's see the weekend before that me and Ben went to go see The Fog...which I'm not gunna lie had the worst ending in the world.

Do you wanna know what the best feeling in the world is? Waking up next to ben. Like honestly when I sleep at his house or he sleeps at mine i just love knowing hes right there next to me. I can't wait to be able to move in together and then get married. I also love how we can talk about anything and not get weirded out. He's just amazing....I could gush about him for hours... :) O yea and he bought webcams so we will be able to video chat while I'm at school...I'm so excited about that. I think he might come up saturday night to visit and I hope he does.

Well I need to get some sleep...o yea and I'm gunna be 18 in 24 days....Isn't that awesome hehehe I have a ton of things planned already :)


*The hardest thing is loving someone and letting them love you back*
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