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Time here is getting shorter...


Well lets see life is going good. I've talked to my roommates a little bit more and they both seem really nice so I'm not as nervous as I was. Thursday is Me and Ben's six month anniversary which is awesome. Let's see i don't really remember what has happened the past week. I worked quite a bit, had that biopsy which turned out to be nothing so I was relieved. I went to the movies with ben and saw the skeleton key which was pretty good. I guessed the ending tho I'm just that awesome, then I slept at Ben's house which I absolutelty love doing, I just love cuddling with him at night and the best feeling is waking up next to him in the morning. O man I love him so much. I ordered my books yesterday. I also went to Danielle's for a bit which was exactly what I needed I miss her so much. We drank and talked about guys, sex, family stuff lol it was awesome. I'm going to miss her so much this year when I'm gone. I'm also going to miss ben. He means everything to me. It's crazy I have never felt this way about anyone and it's a little scary but amazing at the same time. I'm leaving for school soon and I cant wait, I'm excited to move out on my own and just be me. The next couple days I'm working and getting the stereo worked on in my car. Unfortunately I hahve to work on our 6 month anniversary and then saturday night I think me and ben are going out to dinner which is awesome. let's see what else is there.....I dyed my hair purpley red i dunno if I wrote that already a few days ago but whatever. I don't have much time left before I leave I have to get all my stuff together and go shopping for some jeans. Tony went to the Czech Republic and they placed 4th out of 12 teams so we were all pretty excited. He brought me back a shirt and some austrian crystal it was so sweet of him to think of us haha. I gotta say I missed him while he was gone, I had no one to talk to all day it was quite boring. I'm going to miss him when I leave but he's going to come visit me :). I think thats about everything sorry this entry was so short....


*I'll be that perfect someone*
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