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I'm back

well I'm back....

the cape was amazing I did not want to come home. I got my roommate, I mean roommates which I was a little bummed about at first but I've talked to both of them and they both seem great so I'm even more excited then I was before. But I'll get back to that after....back to the cape

It was a little windy a couple of the days there but it was still fun. We went to the beach a couple times and stayed for 2 nights with the Reis's which was extremely interesting. There were 11 of us and we played hide and seek and had a nice game of poker. Kyle invented beach basketball which was fun we had a couple tournaments which of course were just for fun lol. Ben realized how competitive my family is it was funny. Kyle and Tony had a competition who could stand on the hot sand the longest, yea we're crazy but you love us. We played wiffle ball as well as we always do and of course my team won. hahaha we went by the bay a couple days and we went shopping, and saw wedding crashers. We played mini golf and ben kicked all of our asses.It was so much fun. Johnny D was there too and it was so nice to see him, hes going to be a hairdresser and he cut our hair and gave me a deep conditioning treatment for my hair because it got dried out from the bleach that was put in it. Johnny D is going to sign for me to get my tongue pierced as soon as I go to school, I'm going to take the T into Boston and meet him there so he can take me. It was really good to see him again, I've missed him a ton. I can't really think of n e thing else I hate when that happens, whenever I try to update I forget half the stuff that has Me and ben took walks at night along the beach which was awesome. Unfortunetly we had to come home on saturday which was a bummer but o well you can only be on vaca for so long right? haha

I really do love Ben, Its scary actually I've never felt this way about anyone I mean perfect example today I left the Dr.'s and I called Ben before I called my own mother to tell him how it went. I love caring this much about another person. Our 6 month anniversary is the 18 and i'm excited I don't know what to get him though, I want to get him something he was really like and something that is special ya kno? I know it sounds corny but I dunno. Maybe I'll make him a collage telling him how much I love him and write stuff about marriage on it hahaha JKJK (inside joke). I dunno I'm sure I'll think of something. I'm just so happy with Ben o man I love it. Next year is going to be tough but I think we will be able to get through it. I don't mean to get weird or n e thing but he is prob one of the only reasons I stayed around here this summer, I was going to go live at the cape after me and meg stopped talking to just get away from it all but Im glad I didn't. and I'm so glad he's in my life he's helped me through a ton I don't know where I'd be right now, plus I don't party as much, I mean not like I was obsessed with it or anything but I like not getting drunk and high a lot, I dunno it's hard to explain. I just love him and I'm so happy he's in my life because at this point I can't picture my life without him in it and thats scary....okay I'm done I don't want to scare him away ;)

I went out to eat with Ben and his mom last night and had mini day surgery today, dont worry it isn't anything serious I wouldn't even technically call it surgery I just had a piece of my cervix biopsied, hopefully everything turns out okay, she said it probably isn't anything so who knows. I haven't worked in two weeks and I love it. Um what else....I have to go before a judge on friday to contest a ticket I got so hopefully that goes good. then my mom is having a cookout for tony's team, he leaves sunday for the Chezk republic im so excited for him, the uniforms are really nice and I hope he has fun.

I'm dying my hair on saturday its going to be red I'm sick of the blonde, it doesn't really fit my personality, im more of a dark haired person. I saw Tim Guerrin today when I was driving and this kid Jon who is friends with Brandie's boyfriend Dan was behind me and yelled my name but I felt bad because I was talking to Tim at the red light o well whatever he'll get over it. I think he was with his girlfriend but who knows. n e who I think thats mostly everything, If I remember something else I'll be sure to update again.

O geeze I almost forgot about my roommates. Their names are Chantel (she's from vermont and plays field hockey which is awesome) and Amanda from MA I haven't talked to her as much yet she wrote me a letter and when I called she wasn't home but from her letter she seems like a really nice girl. They both do, I think things are going to work out okay in the triple for a little while. well im tired goodnight


*When I said "I love you" well, that's what I meant
And I plan to show you if it takes me the rest of my life*
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